50+ Best Design Ideas for Amazing Photo and Painting Wall Gallery

Utilizing the wall to become a photo gallery, picture, and painting? Why not. Perhaps you or one of your family members is very fond of painting or even a hobby of painting. Perhaps your family also has a lot of valuable photos to display. But because of space limitations, there is no place to display all the artwork.

The wall of the house is the solution. The wall is the best place to display all that, to note is the preparation, selection of walls, and selection of objects. The color of the walls a bit to give a certain touch. The presence of tables and chairs should be arranged in such a way so as not to reduce the visibility alias display photos and paintings.

Photo gallery on the wall or known as gallery wall is the best way to create a focal point in your home in a unique way. Actually making your own wall gallery is not difficult, you just need your full memory photos, different size and shape photo frames, and imagination to create your own wall decorations.

Gallery Wall Behind TV
Gallery Wall Behind TV

From the example of this gallery wall design, most homeowners choose a wall in the corner of the room, at the end and along the hallway of the house, as well as in a private room such as a room or workspace. The arrangement of photo frames and paintings is arranged in various ways, including a selection of sizes, colors, and frame shapes are chosen to taste without ruling out the artistic side.

With this wall gallery, you who are creatively spirited can move the pattern and arrangement of photo frames as you like. This wall gallery is the best way to fill the empty spaces on the walls of your home.

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