8 Beautiful Pastel Color Design That Can Be An Inspiration For Your Home

There is something oh so comforting in colors that make you feel at home and welcomed into a friend’s home, isn’t there? Throughout the years of interior design trends, colors in retro and vintage era in the ’50s and 60’s too bold and bright in the ’70s and 80’s – we’ve always loved how color creates an ambiance that we all relate to in our homes. Pastel colors have come a long way from only showing up in baby nurseries!

Beautiful Pastel Color Design That Can Be An Inspiration For Your Home
Beautiful Pastel Color Design That Can Be An Inspiration For Your Home

A pastel color trends hit back a few years ago, the obsession with pastel colors will likely continue for a long time. Not surprisingly, pastel colors have their own characteristics that make it comfortable and cool. Pastel colors are soft and innocent as if reminiscent of a world that is all beautiful, and also easily applied to any room at home. Starting from the living room, main bedroom or child, to the kitchen, pastel colors are ready to provide different psychological effects that you must know.

Light Blue, Calming & Beautiful

For those of you who are still hesitant about using pastel colors, try first in a room with privacy like the bedroom. Pastel blue itself also has a positive calming effect, so it is suitable to be applied in the nursery or children. In addition to making it comfortable and cool, pastel blue is also pleasing to the eye. So that the bedroom has an increasingly solid dimension, it can also be combined with dark blue which is rather dark so that the atmosphere of sleep will be more comfortable.

Home Design With Light Blue Pastel Color
Home Design With Light Blue Pastel Color – Source: chungkhoanviet.info
LIght Blue Pastel Color Ideas
LIght Blue Pastel Color Ideas – Source: pinterest.ph

Relax with Pastel Purple

Bright pastel colors like light purple can create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. In contrast to true purple, which means power and a luxuriant and energetic world, purple pastels bring bright nuances but are not too passionate. Combined with other brightly colored decorations such as yellow, try applying purple pastel colors with various shades in the living room or living room as a manifestation of your calm character.

Pastel Purple Color Ideas
Pastel Purple Color Ideas – Source: westieunited.com
Pastel Purple Color Design
Pastel Purple Color Design – Source: pinterest.ru

Cool with Gray Pastel

Gray makes you bored? Choose soft gray accents from the pastel world that have a mixture of milky white and a little silver. This choice of pastel gray is suitable as a more attractive alternative than other basic colors such as beige, white or plain ash. The psychological effects of pastel colors like gray are guaranteed to bring stability to the room. In addition, soft gray will certainly provide peace for everyone who is in the room.

Cool With Grey Pastel Ideas
Cool With Grey Pastel Ideas – Source: 7bedroomideas.com
Grey Pastel Color Ideas
Grey Pastel Color Ideas – Source: pinterest.ru

Green Pastel, The Relax of Nature

Pastel colors can also remind you of natural closeness, for example, green pastels. With this color, the room will feel more natural and comfortable but not too monotonous. Green is often associated with health and luck, as well as a symbol of fertility. With pastel colors like green pastels, there are also health effects that are good for eye health. So, try applying green pastel colors in the reading room, office space or study room.

Green Pastel Ideas
Green Pastel Ideas – Source: evakuatorspb.com
Lovely Green Pastel Color Ideas
Lovely Green Pastel Color Ideas – Source: lining-shop.info

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