15 Unique Bathroom Shelves Design For Bathroom Organization Ideas

A glimpse of peering into the bathroom is enough to know how many items are stored in the bathroom. Starting from towels, clothes baskets, shampoo, soap, conditioner, brushes, hairdryers, etc., it turns out that there are also many items commonly found in bathrooms. To keep the bathroom tidy, you need a bathroom shelf that will organize all the necessities in the bathroom.

Unique Bathroom Shelves Design For Bathroom Organization Ideas
Unique Bathroom Shelves Design For Bathroom Organization Ideas

This bathroom shelf is available in various types that can be tailored to the needs and style of the bathroom interior. Approximately what type of bathroom shelf is suitable for maintaining the neatness of your bathroom so that you can make all your belongings in the bathroom well organized? Let’s look at the following idea.

Glass Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is an area that is wet and has moist air. One of the best materials is glass because it is waterproof and easy to clean. This glass bathroom shelf is suitable for modern and minimalist bathrooms.

Some things that need to be considered when using glass bathroom racks are routine cleaning and wiping with a cloth so that fungi do not appear on the surface. Also, choose thick glass and attach it firmly to the wall so it doesn’t break easily.

Glass Bathroom Shelves
Glass Bathroom Shelves – Source: tokomodena.com
Glass Wall Bathroom Shelves
Glass Wall Bathroom Shelves – Source: etikaprojects.com
Bathroom Glass Wall Shelves
Bathroom Glass Wall Shelves – Source: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

Corner Bathroom Shelves Ideas

In a small bathroom, you must be smart to choose the shape of the bathroom shelf so that the room still feels relieved. One type of bathroom rack is the right rack wi90-degree angle like this. This bathroom shelf is installed in the corner of the room so that no space is wasted.

Corner Bathroom Shelves Design
Corner Bathroom Shelves Design – Source: foothillfolk.com
Corner Bathroom Shelves Ideas
Corner Bathroom Shelves Ideas – Source: tvori.biz
Bathroom Corner Shelves ideas
Bathroom Corner Shelves ideas – Source: wikidiy.org

Hanging Shelves Design

Next, there is a hanging type bathroom shelf whose concept is open. Bathroom racks like this are suitably placed in a small bathroom because it looks more spacious. Because this type of bathroom shelf is hung, make sure the hooks are firmly pressed against the wall. For the rope, it is better to use thick wire.

Wall Hanging Bathroom Shelves
Wall Hanging Bathroom Shelves – Source: roman-forums.com
Unique Wall Hanging Shelves
Unique Wall Hanging Shelves – Source: tierraeste.com
Hanging Bathroom Shelves
Hanging Bathroom Shelves – Source: discoverdartmoor.net

Open Shelves Concept Ideas

The next type of bathroom rack is an open rack with an upward arrangement that can help you save space. This bathroom shelf has a minimalist style. The small size also makes it suitable to be placed near the sink to put towels, soap, and air freshener.

White Open Shelves Ideas
White Open Shelves Ideas – Source: corilla.co
Bathroom Open Shleves
Bathroom Open Shleves – Source: nobrainerdogtrainer.info
Bathroom Open Shelves Ideas
Bathroom Open Shelves Ideas – Source: diynetwork.com

Built-in Bathroom Ideas

There is a type of bathroom shelf built-in or permanent. This type of shelf is made as high as the room and the size is quite large. Consider this rack carefully because it will be difficult to change later. To make this rack look neater, use a special box to store all toiletries and other necessities.

Built in Bathroom Ideas
Built-in Bathroom Ideas – Source: tsc-snailcream.com
Built in Bathroom Shelves Ideas
Built-in Bathroom Shelves Ideas – Source: projecthappy.co
Best Built in Bathroom Ideas
Best Built-in Bathroom Ideas – Source: pinterest.ru

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