9 Top Scandinavian Home Designs You Need To Try For Your Home

Are you a fan of dwellings or buildings with Scandinavian design? The trend of the Scandinavian design style is indeed in demand because it looks simple but still attractive. No wonder now that various Scandinavian design principles are often applied in residential or various commercial buildings. The present style of design is also considered very instagramable so it is very popular with young people.

Top Scandinavian Home Designs You Need To Try For Your Home
Top Scandinavian Home Designs You Need To Try For Your Home

Scandinavian design an aesthetic characterized by minimalism and functionality has been influential since the beginning of the 20th century, but design ideas still enter the mainstream from the Nordic region to this day. This is what’s trending in the world of Scandinavian furniture, decoration, and interior, plus some of our favorite works to start your shopping.

Simple Scandinavian House Design

One reason why the principle of Scandinavian design is quite popular now is that it looks simple and not excessive. The principle of this design is indeed attached to minimalist forms without excessive decorative elements. You will very rarely find asymmetrical forms and also processing organic forms that are too abstract in Scandinavian residential designs.

Simple Scandinavian Design
Simple Scandinavian Design – Source: styleformankind.com
Simple Scandinavian Home Design
Simple Scandinavian Home Design – Source: decoholic.org
Simple Scandinavian Home Ideas
Simple Scandinavian Home Ideas – Source: simple-kind-of-life.blogspot.com

Open and Light Scandinavian Designs

The closeness to nature also makes Scandinavian residential design principles very synonymous with natural lighting. Houses that apply Scandinavian design generally will have relatively large openings to maximize natural lighting.

Scandinavian Home Design With Open Concept
Scandinavian Home Design With Open Concept – Source: home-designing.com
Scandinavian Open Home Design
Scandinavian Open Home Design – Source: unistudio.design
Scandinavian Open Home Ideas
Scandinavian Open Home Ideas – Source: styleblueprint.com

White Scandinavian Home Design

Speaking of Scandinavian design principles, incomplete without discussing the color palette of Scandinavian dwellings. Scandinavian design certainly won’t have a color palette that is far from natural. Striking contrast colors will be very rare for you to find in Scandinavian dwellings.

White Scandinavian Interior
White Scandinavian Interior – Source: vosscomms.com
White Scandinavian Home Design Ideas
White Scandinavian Home Design Ideas – Source: digsdigs.com
White Home Design Ideas
White Home Design Ideas – Source: blog.sugartrends.com

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