10 Indoor Succulent Ideas as Home Ornamental Plants Design

Indoor ornamental plants are ornamental plants that you can try to make cool taste in the room in your house! Not all ornamental plants must be large in size and confiscate space, in fact, there are still many indoor ornamental plants that are mini-sized, cute and all adorable. Without having to need a lot of space in your home.

Indoor Succulent Ideas as Home Ornamental Plants Design
Indoor Succulent Ideas as Home Ornamental Plants Design

Succulent trends in the home have become one of the eye-catching elements of interior decoration. There is a natural tropical impression that is raised, making the succulent the ideal sweetener of the room. If you need succulent decorating ideas, you can try some of the following ideas.

Succulent Panda Cactus

The shape of the succulent or panda cactus is also relatively small so it is suitable for use as a room decoration such as on a shelf or work desk. No need for large locations or extra pots, panda cactus can be a practical and sweet succulent decoration choice for anyone too!

Succulent Panda Cactus 2
Succulent Panda Cactus – Source: pinterest.com
Succulent Panda Cactus 1
Succulent Panda Cactus – Source: gardenchic.xyz


Succulent Sedum

Not only mini-sized, succulent sedum or also called donkey tail (Burro’s Tail) has beautiful characteristics with a thick leaf structure strung as a whole like a donkey’s tail that can dangle up to 60 cm down.

Succulent Sedum 01
Succulent Sedum – Source: anniesannuals.com
Succulent Sedum 02
Succulent Sedum – Source: plantslive.in


Succulent Echeveria

Echeveria can be an indoor ornamental plant with the shape of a flower resembling a beautiful rose. The leaves are shiny and colored in the story, and the most important thing is that you don’t need a large medium pot If making Echeveria an indoor ornamental plant, remember not to place it in a room with cold temperatures due to mold.

Succulent Echeveria 01
Succulent Echeveria – Source: thespruce.com
Succulent Echeveria 02
Succulent Echeveria – Source: worldofsucculents.com


Succulent Jade

Also a unique type of succulent, the jade cactus looks like a beautiful miniature tree. Supported by a thick main stem in the center, succulent jade leaves appear from all sides so that they look lively and charming.

Succulent Jade 001
Succulent Jade – Source: lauraashtonartist.blogspot.com
Succulent Jade 002
Succulent Jade – Source: pinterest.ru


Succulent Aloe Vera

The treatment of succulent aloe vera is also easy with priority using dry soil, occasionally watered and left to dry in areas exposed to sunlight. Guaranteed aloe vera plants to thrive and bloom perfectly.

Succulent Aloe Vera 1
Succulent Aloe Vera – Source: allabouthealthylife.net
Succulent Aloe Vera 2
Succulent Aloe Vera – Source: mandarin-shop.ru

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