7 Most Popular Simple Home Decorations You Must Have

Having a simple house doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable atmosphere and even make it look bigger. Previously, you need to know that a comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of supporting furniture or decorations that are expensive, but simple home decorations. You only need to choose a simple home decor that can create the illusion of an eye and efficient place.

Simple Home Decoration

Still confused with simple home decorations that can create eye illusions and be efficient? Check out the list of simple home decorations that you must have that you may have never seen before.

Bright Colored Walls

Bright Colored Walls Ideas

Simple home decor in the form of bright wall colors can create a comfortable atmosphere and a bigger room effect. The right colors to decorate a small house wall are white, beige, or light blue.

Transparent Tables And Chairs


When choosing a table and chair for simple home decor, choose one that uses quality transparent material such as acrylic. Even though it is transparent and looks fragile, in reality, this acrylic material is strong enough to hold the weight above it.

Large Mirror on The Wall

Large Mirror on The Walls

In order to look harmonious with the interior of the room, choose a mirror with a frame that matches the color and shape according to the style of the room. This simple home decoration can be found easily in shopping centers or online stores.

Choose Small-Sized Furniture

Choose Small Sized Furniture

Avoid using large furniture for simple home decor in the house, especially a small house, even though you really like the design. Furniture that is too large in the house will definitely make the house feel crowded and full.

Wall Design With Horizontal Lines


This horizontal line motif can be used on the wall. For the color of the line, choose safe colors like black and white. But if you dare to experiment with other colors, why not?

Arrange the Furniture Symmetrically

Arrange the Furniture Symmetrically

Arranging furniture in a symmetrical position as a form of simple home decor can make the house look neater, cleaner and more balanced. The furniture that can be arranged in a symmetrical position are chairs, cabinets, lights, and plant pots.

Use Curtains in The Living Room

Curtains in The Living Room

When choosing curtains for simple home decor, you not only need to consider the colors and materials but also the position of the mast. So that the house feels more magnificent and tall, hang the curtain as high as possible so that it creates an illusion. Don’t worry if your window is small, because this curtain decoration will hide the window size.

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