How to Repair a Cracked or Broken Glass

Do you have naughty or indecent kids around your neighborhood? If yes then you might have a broken or cracked window for sure. This is because kids will remain kids; they will never know the boundaries of their play area. Well, if you have any broken or cracked glass in your home, even inside, you can now repair it with the help of glue for glass.

You might be thinking, what type of glue is best for glass to repair its cracks, right? Here we have brought some of the top glues that will repair your broken glass. Also, we are going to show you some of the methods that will help you assemble the broken glass. So, let’s get straight into the business.

Why use glass for the exterior, when it can be easily shattered?

Crack Glass Repairing

Well, we all know that glass is a material that can be easily broken or get scratches easily. So, why do we use it? The three main reasons are:

  • The glass reflects light and allows natural light to fall into the house and brighten the space.
  • Clear glass is a material that is perfect for creating an illusion of larger spaces. This might be the top reason why we all use glass for exterior and interior projects.
  • If you guys want to make your little spaces luxury ones, then the use of glass is the best option. It means the glass is aesthetically appealing.

Note: Tempered and laminated glass are the types of glass that are sturdier enough to easily break down. They always make scratches on harsh external forces, instead of shattering down.

Is it possible to repair the glass?

Glue For Glass To Repair Crcaked Glass
Glue For Glass To Repair Cracked Glass

Yes! It is now possible to repair the cracked window at home. Firstly, you have to identify whether the crack is repairable or not. If the crack is small, take notice of it and follow the below-given steps to save it or use epoxy glue for glass to permanently repair it. So, do not ignore the small cracks or even chips, as they will grow with the passage of time.

Methods to Repair Crack Glass

Temporary repair methods

Being homeowners, we are not experts enough to repair broken windows or glass at home. However, here’s a thing we can do, follow the steps mentioned below to temporarily repair the glass and save the whole glass from breakage.

The first thing to fix broken glass is recognizing the type of glass crack that you are going to deal with. If it is due to temperature stress, then use some wrap to cover it thoroughly and make it sturdier enough against shattering.

  • Use masking tape:

    masking tape

First of all, let us make it clear that this method may not be aesthetically satisfying but still it can save your glass from breakdown and spending savings over it. You can simply use tape over the cracks or chips to save it from shattering. Masking tape or transparent tape would be best but make sure the transparent tape is sticky enough.

  • Use of Nail Polish:

    Nail Polish

Use clear nail polish to fix the broken glass or if the glass is colored then use it accordingly. Simply pour some nail polish over the crack and spread it evenly with the help of a brush. Let it dry and repeat the process 3 to 4 times more. You may need to repeat the process more than this, just make sure the crack is stable.

  • Use Epoxy for a strong and clear effect:

    Use Epoxy for a strong and clear effect
    Use Epoxy for a strong and clear effect

Well, this is the most efficient method to fix the cracked glass until now. Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that is the strongest adhesive. It gives a sturdier seal and minimizes the small cracks. If you guys are ready to use it, simply clear the glass, take out epoxy glue in a bowl, and evenly spread it over the crack. Let it dry and remove the additional epoxy with a razor or blade.

  • Thick Plastic Cover:

    Thick Plastic Cover
    Thick Plastic Cover

If your windows are exposed to extreme temperatures or storms, make sure to seal the window glass with a plastic cover or a bubble wrap sheet. It will maximize the safety against cracks and shattering of the glass.

Best glues to repair glass

Here are some of the best glue glass that are also available online, so you can easily get your hands on these products.

  • Gorilla Clear Glue: This clear epoxy glue comes in the quantity of 5.75 ounces in a bottle and it is probably the one of best and strongest glues for glass repairing.
  • Elmer’s E1012: A perfect solution to repair not only glass but also ceramics. It quickly dries off clearly and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • PC-Clear Epoxy Adhesive: The strong epoxy adhesive rapidly fixes the broken glass and lets us rest assured by its intensive repairing.

Only glass windows can be repaired from glues?

Well, this is the most perplexing thing that comes to mind when we talk about the repairing of broken windows. You can repair any type of glass product with the help of these glues, even if it is a vase, shower door, window, or table top.

Final thoughts!

Do not ignore the minor cracks and chips as they can grow with time. If your windows and doors are daily exposed to extremely high temperatures, do some permanent solution to them. Otherwise, for little cracks, glue for glass is the best option and you can fix your broken glass at home easily with these glass glues.

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