Things You Need To Do To Take Care Of Your Electric Heater?

Electric fireplace at your home is meant for convenience and comfort. They usually require low maintenance and offer unmatched aesthetic appeal. Not only this, they keep your home warm and provide you with sufficient heat without worrying about its cleanliness and functionality. On the other hand, traditional fireplaces require proper monitoring and maintenance. But, this is not the case with electric heaters. 

Do electric heaters require annual maintenance?

The electric heaters have no virtual parts that can break or wear out. They are reliable, safe, and provide long service. Usually, they do not require annual maintenance or inspections. Like any other electric equipment, the better you take Care of the electric fireplaces, they are more likely to function correctly. For example, if dust gets accumulated in the fireplace, it can cause building up of heat, eventually leading to complete damage. There are some elements that you need to consider to keep your electric heater more clean and beautiful. What are they? To know about them, keep reading. 

  • Clean up the fan

It is noteworthy that an electric fireplace uses radiations to produce heat. Many homeowners have a question in this context: can an electric fireplace heat a house, and what can be done to maintain it? The fan of the electric fireplace is responsible for delivering the heat to your abode. This is why it is necessary to clean the fan. To clean it, you have to look into its spin pattern. If you observe any resistance or hitching, take off the grille covering and brush off the dust accumulated on the blades or axle of the fan. This should help restore the efficiency of the fan.

  • Changing the bulbs

There is no development of the residue or any particulate matter inside the firebox of the electric fireplace. However, the light bulbs are one such element inside the firebox that degrades in quality with time. For instance, if you observe the fire getting constantly bright or becoming dimmer, this is the time that you need to replace your bulbs. 

The process is quite simple. Turn off the fireplace and allow it to cool before removing the panels on the back. Take out some screws to get access to the bulbs. Now you will be able to find the bulbs inside the firebox. Identify the bulb that needs replacing. For this, you can even take the help of the unit’s manual. But make sure that you make use of the gloves while handling the bulbs. Some electric fireplaces use only LED bulbs, which means that you don’t have to replace them within the life of the fireplace. 

  • Take Care of the glass

The glass is placed in the front of your unit and is one of the essential parts. When this particular part of the unit is clean, your fireplace shows off perfectly. You can use soapy water and clean it with the help of a lint-free cloth. Ensure that it is scorched and has no water spots. But, before you do so, be ensured that you do not use any abrasive cleaners. They contain flammable chemicals that can reduce the lifespan of your fireplace. 

Complete the steps mentioned above to make your electric fireplace function properly. But before beginning with the process of cleaning, do not forget to turn off the power. Taking out time for this will ensure maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety for your family. 

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