25+ Awesome Eclectic Style in Your Bedroom Design Ideas

Many people proclaim their style of decoration to be eclectic, but if the term is used to describe a haphazard room with a spate of mismatched pieces and no clear red threads, then it is not an eclectic style, it is just a mess. While the eclectic style of decoration does not include any regulatory shortcomings and vibrations, if done correctly, it also retains control by following the general guidelines and most importantly, using colors, shapes, textures or styles to bind the overall look. into a harmonious atmosphere.

What defines the most eclectic look is the combination of different styles combined in such a way that it is complementary, not clashing. Like the Art Deco wardrobe and your soft bed? Smile at the table of your grandmother’s ancestors beside the medieval-modern chair? Proudly displaying the shape of a vintage tailor along with your country dressing table? Then you understand the heart of the eclectic style – it’s okay to fill your bedroom with the pieces you love, even if it’s not a traditional match. But be aware – balance and scale are very important in this decorating style. Your furniture may not come from the same decade – or even the same century – but they still need to be on the right scale into space and with each other.

it’s important to create an eclectic look that works with colors to align the various elements of the room. Often, people who love eclectic style also like bright and bright colors – in fact, many people consider colorful to be identical to “eclectic” – but though not typical, you can actually have a very eclectic bedroom in a completely neutral color scheme. Regardless, the use of skilled colors is the easiest way to blend the various styles of decor. If you like brilliant, keep neutral walls and floors from sensory overload – no in the bedroom. Mix and mix your palette to your heart’s content, but refresh your main colors throughout the room – for example, the bedrooms showed here use hot pink in the bed and in every piece of art, while benches, light fixtures, and golden artwork.

Red Eclectic Bedroom
Red Eclectic Bedroom

The best eclectic rooms have one or two red threads that further connect the various styles of furniture. As already stated, color is the most effective way to achieve it, but you can also use certain motifs, shapes, textures or fabrics to align space. For example, the room shown here uses the form as a red thread. Notice all the round or curved decorations: decorative plates, around the bench, tucked under bedside tables, round shape of flowers on sheets, shoe dents in the artwork on the bed and even curved lines of ceramic puppies and owls scattered throughout the room.

Different furniture styles work together in this eclectic bedroom. There are various scales, in other words, the small design is mixed with a professional style for a cool bedding.

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