Best Ideas To Build A Masculine Room In Your Home: 70+ Best Inspirations

How much time does a man spend in his room? Enough to enjoy his favorite things. The room above seems to ooze a trendy masculine style. Neutral colors bathed in natural light from large windows overlooking Ukraine’s fourth-largest city create a sense of calm. This remarkable apartment embellished with luminous vertical gardens might hold the key to inspiring your manly room with a mix of wooden floors, concrete walls, and abundant natural light.

What is a masculine space? Usually no glam accessories, no bright and airy colors, dark shades and minimalism in details. Can such a space be stylish? Sure! You just need to find a right balance between deep, rough look and comfort which a room should provide. The main colors are typically quite dark: black, gray, brown, blue and green. Although you can also add little splashes of bright colors like red, yellow or even orange.

The choice of materials is very important for sexy masculine rooms. They should be rough but still inviting both for boys and girls. Guy’s rooms are usually quite minimalist because it’s the style that suits masculine essence very well – rough concrete, rustic wood, brick walls – these are things that suit a rugged man. Classic style is always fashionable – warm shades, squared pattern and vintage suitcases instead of a nightstand – that’s the style! Animal prints, different antlers and horns and even simple wall art would add some sexuality to any bedroom.

Best Masculine Room Design Ideas 58
Best Masculine Room Design Ideas 58

IT’s a total misconception that all masculine rooms are dark and moody. There are plenty of stylish mid-century and eclectic spaces that work well for men. Below you’ll find some more different styles and ideas for a masculine room, which one is the best, in your opinion?

A room with a masculine vibe is all about finding that right balance between a deep, unassuming look and a comfortable, elegant hub.

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