These 5 Ways to Clean The Bathroom Easily

Which room in the house do you like the least? Your bet says bathroom. Cleaning showers, bathtubs, toilets, and other surfaces from all kinds of buildup requires time and elbow oil. Clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently using this 10-step process.

Is there a task to clean a household that is more feared than handling a dirty bathroom? From soap and mold scum to dirt and hair, cleaning up this zone filled with germs is no easy task. That said, it must be done. Don’t be afraid – we are here to show you how to streamline the process and move from dirty to sparkling clean in 30 minutes or less.

Before you begin, make sure you have a lot of free time to apply how to clean the bathroom. Use comfortable clothes to get this work done quickly.

Remove All The Items in The Bathroom First

The first step in how to clean a bathroom is to remove all objects in it. This is done so that these items do not hinder you when you apply the way to clean the bathroom.

Dust and Strokes

If you still can’t reach the cobweb, pull the stepladder to get up high. After finishing, sweep or vacuum the floor to pick up hair and other debris that might have piled up on the floor.

Clean Bathroom ideas
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Clean Bathroom Shelves or Cabinets From Dust

Use a microfiber cloth and give a little water as a medium to expel the dust. How to clean this bathroom must be done so that bacteria and dust do not become a den of disease. After that, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Clean the Sink From Stubborn Dirt and Crust

Use a sponge to clean the sink. Pour a little of the cleansing soap and start to rub it on the sink and water faucet. If there are stains that are stuck, use a toothbrush to brush it. After that, open the water tap and use your hands to rinse it.

Clean Bathtub Design ideas
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Finally, Brush The Bathroom Floor

The last way to clean the bathroom is to brush the bathroom floor. This method is the most draining because you have to brush it between the floor and stubborn crust. Pour cleansing soap on the floor and leave it on. Brush until clean.

Bathroom Cleaning Ideas
Bathroom Cleaning Ideas – Source:

Don’t forget to open the bathroom door or turn on the exhaust during the cleaning process so that air circulation remains.

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