Step By Steps For Washing Clothes in The Laundry Room To Be More Practical

Who said laundry should be a chore? In terms of good design, laundry rooms are often ignored, and that shouldn’t be. Laundry may not be a glamorous task, but space you do it can be. That is why I bring you many different laundry ideas. Some are great examples of how you can organize your laundry room. Others are some organizational or design hacks to make your laundry room a functional and enjoyable space for you.

If you are wondering where is the best place to add a laundry room, think about comfort first. Place your laundry room near the collection area for dirty clothes, or near the bedroom where clean clothes are sent. Some other favorite laundry room locations include near the entrance, muddy room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or near a closet or dressing room.

The things you need to prepare in the laundry room to make it easier to wash clothes.

Clothes Basket Clothes

Clothes baskets are actually placed to spread in several rooms, such as in bedrooms and bathrooms. When washing time comes, all we have to do is bring the baskets to the laundry room.

Basket Clothes Ideas
Basket Clothes Ideas – Source:

Washing Machine

This electronic item is a must-have in the laundry room. Laundry washing machines can work well if there is a clean water flow. Therefore, drains must be available in the laundry room, exactly close to the washing machine.

Laundry Room Ideas
Laundry Room Ideas – Source:


In addition to being close to waterways, the laundry room must also be close to open areas in the house, such as the front or back yard. This is done so that the process of drying clothes can run faster.

Laundry Room Design
Laundry Room Design – Source:

Already have all the items above to put in the laundry room? Adjust the position so that you are comfortable washing in the laundry room and more practical.

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