Want Your Bathroom Neat and Messy? Follow these 4 Kinds of Shelves!

Have you ever noticed how fast your bathroom is falling apart? No matter your good intentions, you will always end up with items scattered everywhere on your desk, with your drawers messy and disorganized, and of course, there is no place to put something decorative.

The room that many of us go to clean often turns into the messiest, messiest room in the house. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is important to have a designated place to store your linen, toiletries, and backup cleaning products. Get your main bathroom, powder room, or both under control with these shelves.

To make a neat bathroom, you need to create a bathroom rack that is suitable for your bathroom.

Use Glass Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is a wet area and has moist air. One of the best materials is glass because it is waterproof and easy to clean. This glass bathroom rack is suitable for modern and minimalist style bathrooms.

Glass Bathroom Shelves
Glass Bathroom Shelves – Source: imall.com

Try a Special Shelf For The Corner of The Room

In a small bathroom, you must be smart to choose the shape of a bathroom rack so that the room still feels relieved. One type of bathroom rack that is right is a rack with an angle of 90 degrees like this. This bathroom rack is installed in the corner of the room so that no space is wasted.

Bathroom Corner Shelves Ideas
Bathroom Corner Shelves Ideas – Source: homesfeed.com

Open Bathroom Shelf Concept

The next type of bathroom rack is an open shelf with an upward arrangement that can help you save space. This bathroom rack is minimalist in style. Its small size also makes it suitable to be placed near the sink to put towels, soap, and air freshener.

Bathroom Open Shelves
Bathroom Open Shelves – Source: go-green-racing.com

Built-in Shelves

This type of rack is made as tall as the room and its size is quite large. Consider this rack carefully because it will be difficult to change it later on. To make this shelf look neater, use a special box to store all your toiletries and other necessities.

That way, your bathroom will look neater and there will be no more messy words in the bathroom, even though the bathroom…

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