10 Wonderful Minimalist Bookcase Design For Best Living Room Organization Ideas

When it comes to how we display our books, bookshelves have always attracted attention because of the creativity of designers and architects over the past few years. For today we decided to show you that modern bookshelves with minimalist designs have more to offer than just storing your books. This is why I am collecting amazing creative bookshelves that inspire and can radically change your living room. All the bookshelves in the photo below show bright colors, simple shapes, no details, and different geometric shapes that highlight good functionality and taste.

Bookcase Design For Best Living Room Organization Ideas
Bookcase Design For Best Living Room Organization Ideas

This is a practical and comfortable way to read. Just enter one in your bag, and the book library is at your fingertips. Although there are some times when the aroma and touch of a real book are what is desired. Throughout our lives, we will definitely get a collection of books that are very loved. Titles that touch emotions or inspire changes in life. We want to see these books, like art on the wall. The challenge is to find bookshelves to accommodate these books that fit the space and style of our home.

Book Cabinets as Room Dividers

For those of you who have small occupancy, switch to multifunctional furniture to save space. Not only making your book collection as a living room accessory, but this minimalist bookcase is also ready to help you focus more when working at home. Providing a little privacy, this open room can also be used to entertain guests along with other residents carrying out daily activities.

Book Cabinet Room Divider
Book Cabinet Room Divider – Source: fenzy.me
Book Cabinet Room Divider Ideas
Book Cabinet Room Divider Ideas – Source: hajarfresh.com

Space-Saving Design as Needed

Having a collection of books without space to store or display is often the case. Look for a minimalist bookcase design that carries the concept of space efficiency by utilizing empty space on the bed and work desk like the inspiration above.

Bookcase Space Saving Ideas
Bookcase Space Saving Ideas – Source: izig.net
Bookcase Space saving as Need
Bookcase Space saving as Need – Source: cymax.com

Bookshelves as Versatile Extra Storage

Want more storage space than just buying a bookshelf just to display your collection? Choose a minimalist bookcase with additional drawers in the design. The shelter area in this minimalist bookcase is wide enough so that it can load books placed horizontally or vertically. Additional drawers are useful for storing important documents or old book collections. The white color of this minimalist bookcase is also suitable to be combined with various colors in the interior of the room.

Bookcase As Versatile Extra Storage
Bookcase As Versatile Extra Storage – Source: crisfelix.com.br
Bookcase As Versatile Extra Storage Ideas
Bookcase As Versatile Extra Storage Ideas – Source: dshop.com.au

A Neighboring Bookcase

Imagine the whole wall filled with a collection of favorite books. This minimalist bookcase will not only contain all collections of books, but pets such as cats can also play with a multi-story staircase design from this closet.

Bookcase Neighboring Ideas
Bookcase Neighboring Ideas – Source: gammoe.com
Bookcase Neighboring Design
Bookcase Neighboring Design – Source: mrclrchtr.com

Presents a Simple Industrial Impression

For those of you who want to create the impression of a more spacious room, the adoption of an open design as in the minimalist bookcase above. The iron shelves coated with dark paint and an anti-rust coating will definitely last a long time and are ready to display all collections of books as well as an elegant room decoration.

Industrial Bookcase Design Ideas
Industrial Bookcase Design Ideas – Source: idealdriveways.com
Industrial Bookcase Design
Industrial Bookcase Design – Source: pinterest.ru

Need a place to organize your books? Here’s a collection of DIY bookshelf/bookcase plans and ideas that look good and easy to build.

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